Keynotes & Workshops

Keynotes & Workshops

Are you in need of a keynote speaker or perhaps an organized structured training workshop for your group association or firm? Look no further! NOW is the time to schedule a Paul Vojchehoske presentation! Each keynote address or training workshop is direct, informational, relevant, and very much to the point. It's not "sugar-coated" and our content is NOT theoretical but backed by extensive research and most important...they are NEVER boring!

Paul's Presentations

30 minute - 90 Minute Keynotes

(1) Keynote: "Try Not, Do or Do Not" The Brutal Truth About Top Performing Agents Success
Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? The truth is 80% of sales are done by 20% of the sales force. But, why? Everyone wants to be in the 20% category but most don't want to do what it takes to get there. Instead, they focus on things other than those things necessary to accomplish success. They spend most of their time chasing pretty butterflies.

Based on research, surveys, and interviews of over 500 highly productive agents from California to Maine, all exhibited a set of common traits. I've identified those common traits and developed a design metrics for you. Trust me; the results of my research were eye-opening! Whether you're a broker wanting to increase your agents' production or you are an agent wanting to take it to the next level, this keynote is life changing!

(2) Keynote: "Can't Means Won't" Using Dash-boarding for Real Estate & Leasing Agent Accountability
Lazy, unmotivated, procrastination, and non-task oriented are production killers! For any real estate agent or leasing agent, results define success. Results are a byproduct accountability! If you're like most agents, your income is a "feast or famine" situation. You have 5 closing one month and none for several months at a time. Interestingly enough, based on information provided by 100's of top producers, the only way to overcome the "feast or famine" income scenario is holding themselves accountable for processes such as prospecting.

My "dash-boarding" system is an easy but VERY effective way of holding your sales or leasing forces accountable. It's easy to manage, execute, and can be a valuable tool for performance reviews. More than holding someone accountable, dash-boarding is a metric designed to make your production predictable, and predict potential train wrecks that can destroy your business. This system has changed dramatically the way individuals and companies go from "feast or famine" to steady, consistent, predictable results.

(3) Keynote: "What's Your Client Health Index"
Do you REALLY know what your clients think about you? I guarantee the answer will surprise you! Nothing is more important than to know what your clients like and dislike about you or your company. Failure to know WILL cost you referral business or return business. In fact, in the property management business, tenant satisfaction is the key to tenant longevity.

Unfortunately, most think their clients are extremely happy with the service their agent provided them. Research shows less than 50% of average producing agents, 61% of top performing agents, and 34% of property managers perform any kind of survey or customer feedback form. Of those that do some type of customer feedback or survey, 74% ask all the wrong questions.

This course will change the way you approach client feedback, will increase your referral base substantially, and those that have followed this program have experienced dramatic results AND spent less time and money!

Remember, the goal of any customer feedback program is to keep happy customer in your sphere of influence, convert unhappy customers to happy customers, and to terminate relationships of those that are unconvertible so you don't waste time and money on them.

(4) Keynote: "ABSOLUTE Exceptional Customer Service"
What your clients or tenants expect is NOT what you're providing! I guarantee it! Increase your real estate or leasing office productivity substantially by understanding the importance of exceptional customer service. Understand that good customer service is MUCH more than just saying "Please" and "Thank you!" It's much more than going out of your why to do something for your client. Learn how and why it costs you thousands of lost dollars in income every year and how to prevent it! It's not rocket science but it does require attitude adjustments and a humbling assessment of the way you do business.

(5) Keynote: "Get Off Your A$$ and Get to Work!" The 7 Deadly Reasons Sales Associates and Leasing Agents Fail! (My Personal Favorite)
How long does a leasing agent or real estate salesperson have to return a telephone call before they lose them forever to a competitor? How many rings of the telephone before a customer will hang up and call another company or community? These are only a few questions addressed in a recent study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) regarding consumer behaviors.

There are 7 common behaviors that most real estate sales associates and leasing agents display that cost them or their managers BIG MONEY! They are simple but EXTREMELY toxic in monetary terms. Not only do they impact the company's bottom line, it tarnishes the company's reputation. Learn what they are and how to overcome them.

2, 3, or 6 Hour Training Workshops

(1) Ethics: Ethics in Today's Real Estate World- Fulfills NAR's Quadrennial Requirement (3 hour course only)

(2) Accountability In Your Business: "Can't Means Won't" Using Dash-boarding for Real Estate & Leasing Agent Accountability - Includes the "What's Your Clients Health Index" (3 or 6 hour course)

(2) Customer Service and Your Real Estate or Leasing Office: "Absolute Exceptional Customer Service" What Your Clients or Prospects Expect is NOT What You're Providing! Increase Your Real Estate or Leasing Office Productivity (3 hour course only)

(4) "Get Off Your A$$ and Get To Work!" The 7 Deadly Reasons Sales Associates and Leasing Agents Fail! (3 or 6 hour course)

Customized Workshops: Need a specific topic? Call Now!

1-Day Real Estate Investment Workshop

Power House Investing:  Power House, High Profits, Low Risk Real Estate Investing - Awesome Course for Real Estate Schools to Increase Their Business!

Our courses and keynotes are perfect for just about anyone within the real estate community and are excellent for professional associations, conferences, company meeting, and conventions. Our past clients have been, but not limited to: apartment associations, REALTOR® boards, property management companies, real estate firms, home inspections companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and much more!

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Paul Vojchehoske is one of the most proven and experienced real estate speakers and instructors available! He has made his way through the real estate trenches selling and leasing properties and currently is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Learning Officer of one of the largest real estate firms in the Midwest. His real life stories and experiences make the material relevant, fun, and he engages and motivates audience members. Trust me, if you invite Paul once, you will ask him back!