(2012, Tax Lien Investment Workshop)
Paul, Your class on tax lien certificate investing was outstanding! Well worth the price of admission. I learned not to participate in the Polk County auction. My first year at Polk, however, went very well. I was able to purchase a $124,000 tax lien on a class A commercial property. I had detailed information on it so It was not a big risk. I think we made $45,000 in total interest on this one tax lien. Again, thanks!
Eric Vander Linden, CFA, Vander Linden Real Estate, Inc. (Indianola, IA)

(2011, (BPOR) NAR's Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification Course)
Paul made what could have been an EXTREMELY boring class [Broker Price Opinion] enjoyable, fun, and I learned a lot. Thank you for coming to South Carolina!
Valorie Cardell, REALTOR®, South Carolina

(2011, (BPOR) NAR's Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification Course)
Paul's class on Broker Price (BPOR) was great! His knowledge of the material and his ability to teach the material was outstanding. Thank you for teaching the course!
Joyce Emerson, REALTOR®, Greenville, SC

(2011, (BPOR) NAR's Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification Course)
Paul does a great job of teaching and facilitating the class. His vast knowledge and practical experience helps students grasp the material and concepts. I would highly recommend his class!
Lisa Murray, REALTOR®, Greenville, SC

(2011, (BPOR) NAR's Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification Course)
Paul is a great teacher and presents the material in a humorous manner. I would love to take another class from him.
Patty Wilds, REALTOR®, Greenville, SC

(Letter of appreciation - October 20th, 2011)
Hi Paul,
Thanks for "enduring" the situation this past weekend, with the flight problems and the technical problems that you (and we) experienced. We were so looking forward to seeing you in person and had told so many of our Mercer County members what an exciting presenter you are! We managed to have a good conference but it would have been 100 times better if you had been able to get to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. Several of our chapter members (first time conference attendees) mentioned how much they learned from you and they were really appreciative of your patience with all of the problems we were experiencing.
You mentioned that you would send the PowerPoint presentation to us if we wanted it. I want to be first on the list to get the PowerPoint from Saturdays session, and I am thanking you in advance for it !! In the past, you sent me the Rental Forms Packet (applications, letters of recommendations, employment verification). You also sent an 18 page lease that I am still using, modifying it to suit our particular needs in West Virginia. Again, thanks for all of your help.
Any other PowerPoint info that you might send along would be greatly appreciated! Please remember anytime you are passing through WV, we would love to have you in Princeton. Or if you are going to be near Roanoke, Virginia - you are more than welcome to visit us at Smith Mountain Lake. Thank you in advance,
Jan and David Farley, West Virginia

(2011, (BPOR) NAR's Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification Course)
I really enjoyed the Broker Price Opinion Resource Class...Paul did a great job in explaining the materials and made it fun. I look forward to another class taught by Paul.
Steve Hammett, Coldwell Banker-Caine, Spartanburg, SC

(2011, Fair Housing Basic Training for Property Managers and Leasing Agents)
Our staff actually had a great time learning about equal housing. Much better than traditional classes that just go over the information. Your Fair Housing class has all the information and is WAY more entertaining. From now on this is where we'll have our training, FOR SURE!
Jeremy Aspen, Certified Property Management, Inc., Omaha Nebraska

(2011, (BPOR) NAR's Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification Course)
I so enjoyed your class. You have a unique way to get your information across and still let everyone have a little fun.
Joyce Pettit, Keller Williams Realty, Spartanburg, SC

(2011, Fair Housing for Condo Associations)
Dear Paul: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent services you provided. You provided a very valuable service to my clients through this training seminar and I know that the information that they gained will prove to be very useful in the future.
John S. Kampfe, Attorney, Omaha, Nebraska

(2011, Fair Housing Basic Training for Property Managers and Leasing Agents)
I would highly recommend Paul Vojchehoske as an educational speaker on a variety of topics. My company has hired him on several occasions. He is articulate, educated and entertaining for all size groups. He comes prepared and professional and is very accommodating. Paul is a wonderful person to work with.
Angela Lagasse, Vice President/Director of Residential Property Management, THE LUND COMPANY, Omaha Nebraska

(2010, Fair Housing Basic Training for Property Managers and Leasing Agents)
I have probably attended 50+ Fair Housing classes, seminars, and workshops during my 40 years in real estate and I can honestly testify that Paul’s class was the best Fair Housing class I have ever attended. I never thought it possible to laugh during a Fair Housing class! Thank you, Paul.
Ty Dempsiele, 1st Management, Orange County California

(2009, Basic Training for Property Managers)
Thank you Paul for training our staff! Your course is very informative and we have made several changes to our tenant selection process. Even our maintenance staff was impressed with your class!
Kara Fendell, States Property Management, Phoenix, Arizona

(2009, Short Sale Transactions)
Thank you, Paul providing us your insight and knowledge regarding short sales. You made the topic fun and the agents learned a lot from your practical advice and real life application. I know my agents are better prepared than they were before you paid us a visit.
Dean Penet., Dallas, Texas

(2009, Key Note)
Paul is a fantastic, informative, and motivational speaker! He has spoken to our association a few times and we look forward to his next visit.
Ken Kelly, President of the West Virginia Landlord's Association